Today let me tell you why I decided to attempt CAT exam and how I am preparing for it because a lot of people are worried about the fact that where to start and how to prepare for CAT 2021.

I was undergoing my engineering when my motivation shifted from…

A lot of people are confused about how to switch from there current operating system to a different one. Few of them are confused due to enormous amount of information available and the others are worried about the risks that it might involve.

Let’s see how to properly dual boot…

Many of you might have come across the term “Backdoors” especially if you talk to someone interested in the field of cybersecurity. Ever wondered what they are?.

If the answer is a “Yes” then read this article to understand what they are and how they operate.

The term “Backdoor”

In general, every…

This article will tell you how you can create a captive portal for yourself but before that lets first go through a small introduction


The captive portal feature is a software implementation that blocks clients from accessing the network until user verification has been established. The captive portal configuration provides…


Learning new things is just a synonym of living.

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